If you are looking for a solution to simulate your Polyurethane (PUR) foam injection process, you are in the right place. REM3D®, was developed in tight collaboration with the industry, for the industry, and trusted to be the solution by leaders in PUR foam products. REM3D® is designed to handle the most challenging PUR foam injection processes. If you are not sure we can simulate your specific process, contact us, and we will work together to find a solution for you.

REM3D® is the simulation solution for complext 3D designs. REM3D® features a unique re-meshing technique and is the most effective and reliable on the market. The Adaptive Anisotropic Automatic (AAA) re-meshing technique removes the burden and complexity of defining the mesh while capturing physical phenomena in the smallest thicknesses of the mold.

REM3D® takes care of it for you.
The mesh is dynamically and automatically adapted during the simulation to get the most accurate results while decreasing computation time.

Set up with REM3D® is easy:

  • Import geometries
  • Select your material
  • Define process parameters
  • Run the simulation


Predict, qualify, and quantify defects of the final part with the most accurate, and fastest software available on the market. Mistakes are made on the computer only, not in production. By using REM3D, all of this is done mesh-headache-free, which usually takes hours even for expert users.


  • Provide accurate quotes with no surprises in the part structural and visual defects
  • Simulate the most challenging 3D product with minimum effort
  • Enjoy fast turnaround thanks to REM3D® unique UI and very efficient solver
  • Have the support you deserve. Our Technical Support is among the most responsive and efficient in the industry. It is easy to get in touch with us, if you have a follow up question, we can deliver the requested information and solve your problems together.