Innovate With Precision

A powerful software to help you accurately simulate, optimize, and validate your design without forging a single part.

Faster Innovation
Reduce your carbon footprint and increase customer satisfaction by producing better parts faster. With FORGE®, you can explore innovative ideas to meet evolving consumer demands in a risk-free environment.
Improved Product Quality
Reduce costly rework and meet new regulations without trial and error. Predict, qualify, and quantify defects of the final part with the most accurate and fastest software available on the market.
Increased Cost-Savings
Predict material behavior under various conditions and accurately measure the effects of changes on quality, production speed, and cost savings down to the finest details.
Infinite Scalability
FORGE® comes with the most advanced and intuitive User Interface. Its highly customizable user environment combined with the most advanced solver in the field has made FORGE® a fixture in hundreds of engineering departments across the globe.
Accurate Project Quoting
Provide accurate project quotes with no surprises in part defects, dies life, and forming equipment requirement.
Technical Support On-Demand
Our technical support is among the most responsive and efficient in the industry. It is easy to get in touch with us, if you have a follow-up question, we can deliver the requested information and fix it if appropriate.

Optimize the Entire Manufacturing Process

Pre-Forming Processes

Reducer Rolling, Cross Wedge Rolling

Forming Processes

Impression forging, Cogging, Rolling of long products, Ring rolling, Orbital forging, Bending, Superplastic forming (SPD), Saddling, Swaging, Thread rolling

Around the Forming Process

Induction Heating, Case hardening, Heat Treatment

Equipment Supported

All equipment, including custom-made, is supported. Most commonly used are: Mechanical press (using the actual die speed vs crank radius), Hydraulic press, Hammer, Counter-blow hammer

Forging Process Simulation
FORGE® has been used to simulate and optimize the forging process by hundreds of engineering teams across the globe.

Speak with an Expert
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