Simulation Services


Our team of experts stands ready to help you and your team with any project requiring simulation validation. Our team has several decades of expertise in tackling any manufacturing challenges from the simple to complex. From forging, to casting, welding, injection molding or PUR expansion molding, our team is here to help. But do not just trust us, ask who already worked with us!

Transvalor Americas is our group’s go-to third party source for validating supplier forgings before we even forge the first part. Transvalor Americas has been vetted by our group and is now part of our supply chain quality validation process. Transvalor Americas’ expertise in manufacturing is crucial and over the years has helped avoid short filling and overstressing of supplier forgings, as well as optimizing parts quality and in-use properties. I cannot stress enough how comfortable it is for us to be able to know exactly how our first prototype parts will look like and anticipate defects detectable only when the parts are finished. The confidence level in Transvalor Americas service is very high and savings achieved since we started working with the team are substantial.

Aleksandr E Lesin, FSP Analysis Lead Manufacturing Global Leader & Brian Wamsher, Materials Science Technical Specialist at Cummins Inc., Fuel Systems and Electronics

How it works:

  1. Contact us with a brief explanation of your project
  2. You'll hear from us within two business days to set-up an introductory meeting.
  3. Handling of any potential confidentiality paperwork (NDA). We are accustomed to this and it will not take long to get through this step.
  4. Provide detailed information about the project (part, material, process data, CAD files, equipment, etc)
  5. Issue of the official quotation
  6. Start of the project upon receipt of the Purchase Order
  7. We'll keep in touch while simulations are running and contact you if we need additional information or confirmation.
  8. Based on your priorities and simulation results, we’ll provide you with our recommendations during a one-on-one meeting once results are ready.


  • You work with the experts
  • You do not worry about setup mistakes
  • We take care of everything so; you go on with your day while the results are in-progress getting ready
  • We provide a compelling report of the analysis
  • The results are yours, and can be accessed anytime you need it

We believe that the key to a successful project is communication, and we’re committed to open lines of communication to ensure the project outcomes meet - and exceed - your expectations.

Transvalor Americas is our trusted simulation software provider and partner because of their industry expertise and deep understanding of software technology. Transvalor Americas is a part of our operating pre-production processes to validate design type issues in material flow properties. We’re able to save time and costs with software that provides our teams with actionable data that mimics real-world results, instead of theoretical examples which are not aligned to actual product production.

Cary Rosenberg, Director Supplier Quality at Watts Water Technologies


As a customer under maintenance or in a lease agreement, you can easily address peaks and overload without investing in costly upgrades. With Transvalor, simply purchase hours of computation. All computations run on 12 cores, unless specified otherwise. We offer a standard 100-hour 12-core bundle and can customize a plan to suit your needs.

How it works:

  1. Prepare the simulation setup
  2. Send us your setup through a secure FTP site or through our Technical Support Contact Form
  3. Our team will review your setup and provide you with recommendations to ensure it's optimized and ready
  4. Our team will run the simulation on our servers
  5. Once complete, we'll send you the results and any additional information
  6. We'll send you updates and reminders throughout the process and reach out if/when there are 10 hours remaining to determine next steps.