Parterning with universities and schools for adademic success


Transvalor Americas Corp. has been rooted in the academic world since its inception. We recognize the value of supporting academic organizations through classes and research programs and we have developed specific offers to suit your needs. Through our research program, students will gain access to the full version of our products to make sure they can explore all types of processes, and research students can develop the skills they need for their research work without any restrictions.


Our class programs suits any types of learning, from 100% online learning to in-person education. Students are provided with an industrial tool to aid them as they embark on in their professional careers. Teachers are given an unlimited number of users to fit any class sizes, and to make sure every student is able to engage in hands-on learning activities.


Transvalor Americas has been involved in many research programs over the years, and we know what it takes to go through the process. Transvalor Americas supports you all the way through and we make sure you have the solution and the support you need for your work.

Our students were in need of simulation software to study the hot deformation processes. Transvalor FORGE® and THERCAST® simulation software not only made this possible but provide students with the support needed when questions arise during the course of their work. By implementing Transvalor, our research students have enjoyed significant benefits. FEM simulation is an important part of our work and with Transvalor, students are able to explore aspects of the industrial process that were previously unattainable such as simulations on linear friction welding of titanium alloys. With this simulation and knowledge, students were able to discretize the various process stages in literally seconds and identify the material behavior impact of each time step.

I recommend Transvalor solutions to my colleagues and peers so our department and students can correctly define conditions and gather accurate information in a short amount of time. The result is better information and the ability to publish scientific research to our community in a much shorter window of time.

Professor Mohammad Jahazi, ETS (Ecole Superieure de Technologie)

I started working with Transvalor while I was earning my PhD and appreciated the support team’s responsiveness. Later, while conducting university research, I used Transvalor FORGE® for many large strain problems with complex geometries and thermal conditions. For the last 15 years, our students have used the simulation software to model friction stir spot welding, friction stir welding and friction welding processes. I recommend Transvalor Americas as a partner because the software is versatile, easy to use and the technical support team is always helpful, reliable and responsive.

Professor Michael Miles, Brigham Young University, Manufacturing Engineering Department