If you are forming metal without a heating source, COLDFORM® is the simulation solution you need. COLDFORM® simulates almost all manufacturing processes without the added heat source. COLDFORM® is the simulation software for fasteners, near net-shape forging, and other cold forming processes. COLDFORM® simulates the forming process considering every aspect of the material deformation, including springback. At the core of COLDFORM® is a unique Elasto-Viscoplastic solver, which resolves all physical equations at once.


With COLDFORM®, there is no trade-off in accuracy, and users can immediately review final parts for accurate dimensions and their conformation to the tolerances described in the standards.

COLDFORM® comes with the most advanced and intuitive User Interface. Its highly customizable user environment, combined with the most robust and powerful solver have made COLDFORM® the fixture in most engineering departments.

COLDFORM® is easy to use for beginners and experts alike thanks to its highly customizable UI and the most advanced solver in the field.


Predict, qualify, and quantify defects of the final part with the most accurate, and fastest software available on the market. Mistakes are made on the computer only, not in production.


  • Provide accurate quotes with no surprises in part defects, dies life, forming equipment requirement
  • Optimize your process. Not only does COLDFORM® predict anything that can go wrong, COLDFORM® is also capable of delivering the best solution (eg. Billet initial dimensions, dies design, lubrication, equipment, etc.)
  • Understand the final in-use part properties such as hardness, and residual stresses
  • Enjoy fast turnaround thanks to COLDFORM® unique UI and most efficient solver
  • Have the support you deserve. Our Technical Support is among the most responsive and efficient in the industry. It is easy to get in touch with us, if you have a follow-up question we can deliver the requested information and fix it if appropriate