FORGE® is the simulation software of choice for all types of forging processes. 

FORGE® analyzes, validates and predicts the end-to-end manufacturing chain from billet induction heating to the near finished product including microstructure analysis.

With its extensive capabilities, FORGE® is the best suited to validate forging sequences, address shop floor issues, improve forging yield and design innovative forged products.



The traditional JMAK model to describe the microstructure evolution is ancient and no longer adapted. From this conclusion, Transvalor is developping a dedicated microstructure simulation software, DIGIMU® to calibrate the new mid-field models developed by Transvalor and several well recognized universities. DIGIMU® will augment the microstructure analysis and prediction capabilities already offered with FORGE®.



COLDFORM® is Transvalor's virtual engineering solution for Cold metal forming industries ranging from Fasteners to cold forgers and to sheet metal formers. COLDFORM® simulation software reduces development costs, optimizes production processes and accelerates time to market.

With an Elasto-Visco-Plastic solver capturing "springback" effects, COLDFORM® is the simulation software of choice to leapfrog your competition.



THERCAST® is the only dedicated 3D simulation solution for continuous casting and ingot casting processes. 

What makes THERCAST® trully different is its unique solver. THERCAST® uses a full 3D thermo-mechanical solver. This solver resolves all physical equations from liquid to solid at the same increment. Consequently the influence of all physical parameters are seamlessly computed, and can interact with each other in real time. Fully coupled simulation provides better and more accurate results.



REM3D® simulation software brings unparralleled analysis and predictions capabilities to the injection molding and PU foam expansion industries. 

With its innovative Automatic, Anisotropic and Adaptive meshing technique, a highly efficient rheological and thermal coupled resolution, a unique foam injection-expansion module and extensive multi-fluid processes capabilities, REM3D® is setting a new benchmark for simulation in the plastic industry. 



TRANSWELD® is a software solution designed for the welding engineers seeking a true simulation  of welding processes.

It provides extensive results and analysis, a multi-physics modeling for a true behavior as well and very importantly the real deposit of the weld bead.


TRANSWELD® is not available yet  

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