In markets where the safety of welded assemblies is essential, analysis TRANSWELD® offers a global and innovative solution to anticipate welding defects. Our simulation software integrates multi-physical models to simulate the real behavior of the metal in the liquid/mushy state to perform a complete analysis of the material evolution.

TRANSWELD® is a 100% predictive welding simulation software solution. It also predicts the microstructure of the solid-state assembly. You will be sure your welded part is conformed without going through the prototyping stage.

TRANSWELD® is a very differentiated welding simulation solution. Its multi-physic modeling captures all physical phenomena for a true behavior of the metal in the liquid -mushy-solid states. It guarantees an accurate prediction of metal transformations such as solidification & primary shrinkage in the mushy zone, primary & secondary shrinkage after complete solidification after complete solidification.

TRANSWELD® simulates the welding with addition of material. Associated with the AAA remeshing, the shape of the weld bead becomes a true result of the simulation.

TRANSWELD® helps to optimize the welding points to minimize the residual stresses and the components distortions.

It is crucial to master and control the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). This sensitive zone is usually quite narrow to minimize stresses & local deformations.


Predict, qualify, and quantify defects of the final part with the most accurate, and fastest software available on the market. Mistakes are made on the computer only, not in production.


  • Simulate multi-material assembly. Take into account each independent element of the welded assembly to visualize the physical part generated by the welding.
  • Thanks to its self-adapting anisotropic meshing during the computation, it obtains accurate simulation results and better reactivity anywhere in the weld.
  • At macroscopic scale, TRANSWELD® predicts the metal behavior during phase changes and the mechanical stresses generated by the welding process for complete analysis of the welded assembly.