Persis Metallurgical Technologies LLC


February 18, 2021

Meet Mohsen.

Mohsen has been very successful in his career. While he loved his work in previous companies and thrives on these great experiences, he has decided to go full force into building his own metallurgical consulting business.

The combination of his passion for continuous learning, metallurgical engineering and helping small businesses, has driven him to this new chapter. His consulting company was founded on the fact that many companies might not have the in-house resources to address metallurgical challenges/ issues specially related to metal processing.

If you know anyone who might need his expertise - please email Mohsen at

Here is his area of expertise:

  • Metal casting:
  • Casting defect characterization and develop procedure to reduce and eliminate
  • Process audit, optimization and improvement services: Gating, risering (feeding), molding, melting, pouring mold design,
  • Casting and solidification simulation; software selection and optimizing for your company’s applications
  • Heat treatment: Developing of heat treatment procedures to meet hardness, microstructure and mechanical properties
  • Materials selection/ Optimizing chemical composition to achieve desire microstructure and mechanical properties
  • Metallurgical lab tests: providing comprehensive report on Mechanical testing, chemical composition and microstructure study
  • Education and Training: courses will be designed based on your company needs on metallurgy and manufacturing process


Ready to work with him right now? please check his profile and his company website on LinkedIn:

Company page:

Mohsen LinkedIn page:

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