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Die Forging,
Heat treatment of steel

August 2, 2021

Updated on September 13th, 2021

REGISTER NOW - October 12-15, 2021

After missing last year event because of Covid-19, we are coming back this year with a virtual event! Our team has crafted a one-of-a-kind event with keynote speakers, exhibitor booths, academic posters, and of course numerous presentations to learn about what is to come in our simulation software, and how our customers use our software with case studies. We have a large range of topics and processes such as die forging, cold forging of steel, heat treatment of steel, and aluminum, casting , and welding.

This is the event you do not want to miss, and the good news is you do not have to! While we will have live sessions, the recordings will be available 3 months after the event on demand.


What to expect?

The Transvalor International Simulation Days (TISD) is a 4-day event on material forming simulation organized by Transvalor, world leader in simulation solutions.

Keynotes, conferences, exhibitor booths and panel discussions, the 3rd edition of this major event will immerse you into the latest innovations, new services and technologies for the design and manufacturing of your products.

What's on the menu?

You will learn about the latest developments coming with the next releases of our simulation software:

  • By Transvalor's software road maps (FORGE®, COLDFORM®, SIMHEAT®, THERCAST®, TRANSWELD®, DIGIMU®, Z-set)
  • Hot & Cold Metal Forming
  • Heat Treatment
  • Metal Casting
  • Welding
  • Microstructure Evolution
  • Fatigue, Cracks propagation
  • Electrification in automotive industry
  • Trends: E-mobility, Lightweighting, Numerical process chain & Software Interoperability
  • Carefully selected keynote speakers



The TISD 2021 is an online-only event taking place from October 12th to 15th, 2021.

Special sessions will be available for our American public on October 14-15th from 9am to 12:30pm Central Standard Time.

The special sessions are a summary of the previous days sessions, with hand-picked topics that we think will be of most interest for you.



The TISD 2021 is online only. Participants and attendees must register to be granted access to the event online platform. See below for registration.


Who should attend?

  • Engineers in manufacturing processes, materials or simulation, who wish to improve their products’ quality while minimizing costs
  • R&D and Innovation Managers in industrial fields who want to increase innovation and competitiveness with their manufacturing processes and material handling
  • CEO and CTO who want to improve yield, performance and footprint of their company
  • Supply Chain Quality managers who need or want to provide guidance to their suppliers as well as monitor the quality of their work
  • Academics who need to get in-depth knowledge of material forming

How to participate?

All attendees must registered. Fees apply depending on the type of participation you are seeking for you and your organization.

Each registration (4-day pass) gives you access to:

  • All presentations
  • Exhibition area
  • E-poster exhibit
  • Chat tool to exchange with all speakers and Transvalor team
  • Access to the online platform to rerun any presentations up to 3 months after the event

Any industrial or academic who wants to promote their work with our solutions via a presentation, exhibition or e-poster, follow the link below.



When to register?

Click below to register. You will be redirected to the event page.



What is the cost?

You can find the cost associated to your level of participation from attendee to exhibitor to speaker or academic e-poster. Follow the link below.




Do not waste any time, and register right now to benefit from the best rates.

Transvalor Americas Team

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