Transvalor was born of Research in 1984 and has maintained a strong association with the Center for Material Forming (CEMEF), a research center of the prestigious MinesParisTech University, whose main activities are centered around material forming and numerical computation. This partnership provides a constant flow of advanced scientific developments that translate into innovative new functionalities to Transvalor’s products for the benefit of our customers.


Transvalor Americas Corp was opened in 2011 to serve the American market and bring proximity to our existing American Customers. Our Technical Support team operates from our Chicago office.


Transvalor has developed an extensive suite of high performance simulation software that addresses a wide range and variety of forming processes, for metallic solid and liquid materials as well as for polymers :

  FORGE® for extensive hot, warm and cold metal forming
  COLDFORM® for cold metal forming
  THERCAST® for ingot casting and continuous casting
  REM3D® for plastic injection molding and PU foam expansion

  DIGIMU® for microstructure analysis and models calibration

  TRANSWELD® for welding processes analysis

Transvalor products provide the manufacturing and engineering intelligence to a wide range of industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Medical, Oil and Gas and many others.


Transvalor success comes from a comprehensive expertise of the forming processes and an unyielding capability to innovate. The value of Transvalor Material Forming Simulation Solutions can also be measured in business terms as they dramatically reduce production costs, shorten the time to market and accelerate the delivery of innovative products.


Our products are used to:


  Validate tooling designs 

  Predict final part defects
  Optimize and shorten design process 
  Increase product quality