Foundry professionals need to manage their production from the beginning of pouring to the end of metal solidification, in order to avoid defects and master their process. Simulation has become an essential stage in the development cycle of cast components, allowing industrials to tackle with these challenges.

In this context, this webinar will introduce THERCAST® simulation software and its benefits as a powerful partner to improve casting processes reliability.


- Discover a wide variety of applications: foundry casting (gravity, low pressure, high pressure, investment casting...), ingot casting for the heavy industry, continuous casting for the metal industry
- Adopt first-time-right design and reduce trials & errors costs for guaranteed component quality and safety.
- Act to eliminate risks: see how THERCAST® predicts where and why casting defects may appear and how they can be avoided.
- Enjoy the software user-friendliness at every step of the design stage: learn about key features to ease simulation setup and accelerate results analysis.
- Choose the offer that best fits you: thanks to our modular offer, select the options that should suit your needs.


Speakers: Aurore ULLY & Olivier JAOUEN (THERCAST® Product Managers, Transvalor)


Date: October 13th 2020

Webinar - Simulation to help improving your casting processes reliability