Transvalor Americas offers a wide range of services from Simulation Services to Training Services to Technical Support and users assistance.

Simulation Services

Our extensive portfolio of simulation services has been designed:


For the non-user or occasional user who does not have the resources in-house but occasionally would benefit from the material forming simulation.


For our existing customers who are experiencing a situation that requires additional or temporary engineering or computing capacity.



We offer several scheduled catalog trainings in our Chicago office, as well as customized training either on customer sites or in our Chicago office. 


Discover our portfolio, and contact us for a free quotation.


Scheduled Training: Take place in our office in Chicago. The training is shared with attendees from different companies.


Customized Training: We offer three options to either train you and your team on site, in our Chicago office, or online.




Our Customer Support team strives to give our customers the best experience.


We work together with our customers on regular software handling questions as well as case studies.


We assist our customers in a partnership-type of relationship to make them more efficient and get the most out of their software.

Contact us and look at the FAQ on our Technical Support page.