Transvalor Americas offers a wide range of simulation solutions for material forming processes. Click on the product you are interested in below for more details.


All the products are sold and supported directly from our offices in the United States.


COLDFORM® is a 2D and 3D simulation software solution for all cold forming processes. Fasteners manufacturers and designers use the power of COLDFORM® to provide the best quality products to their customers. 


COLDFORM® comes with a modern, intuitive and efficient user interface. New user onboarding is done in no time. All templates are highly customizable to mirror the user's unique manufacturing environment.


COLDFORM® is an all-inclusive simulation software. Its functional footprint covers the entire manufacturing chain without the need to purchase additional modules.
Thanks to its Elasto-Visco Plastic Solver, COLDFORM® is the simulation software of choice for automatic springback calculations.



FORGE® is a 2D and 3D software solution for the simulation of hot and cold metal end-to-end forming processes. Its application ranges from close die forging to open die forging and ring rolling to long product rolling and much more.


FORGE® comes with the most advanced and intuitive user interface. Its highly customizable user environment combined with the most robust and powerful solver have made FORGE® a fixture in most engineering departments.

FORGE® is an all-inclusive software for the simulation of the entire manufacturing chain, from billet to near-finished product. No additional module is required, even for Heat treatment and metallurgy analysis and predictions.

FORGE® simulation software can be deployed to accomodate the largest variety of IT environments.


THERCAST® is a 3-D finite-element software solution that simulates the end-to-end continuous casting of steel and other metals. It reduces the time and cost of planning, optimizing, starting up and running a new casting process, or of optimizing an existing one.

THERCAST® is the only fully thermo-mechanical simulation solution on the market. At its core, a unique solver resolves all equations from liquid to solid for the same increment, considering the influence of each parameter on each other.

THERCAST® unique representation of the grain orientation and macro-segregation calculation is considered indispensable by most steel making engineering departments.

Thercast® also simulates the Ingot Casting process.


Rem3D® is a software solution for the simulation of injection processes. It is the only solution with a full 3D Finite Element resolution using the same solver to resolve all physical equations at once for higher accuracy.

Rem3D® offers a unique and un-matched Adaptive, Anisotropic, and Automatic re-meshing technique (AAA). Thanks to this unique feature Rem3D® accurately predicts the injection of complex 3D parts with large variation of thickness, where others struggle or crash.

As a result of a long and sustained R&D partnership with DOW and other industrial partners,  Rem3D® is the only simulation solution capable of simulating the PU foam expansion

Rem3D® also offers extensive multi-fluids processes simulation capabilities. It predicts gas (or water) core thickness with realistic smooth skin effect in the Gas or Water Assisted injection molding process.


Microstructure analysis and prediction have become critical for designers to understand how far they can stretch their designs and yet maintain the required mechanical properties of the final part.


DIGIMU® is the ultimate solution to calibrate the new mid-field models developed by Transvalor team and several well recognized universities (RWTH-Aachen, Mines Paris Tech,...).

The traditional JMAK model to describe the microstructure evolution is ancient and no longer adapted. It requires many very costly experiments for each grade needed. The solution is to work on models that understand the micro-mechanics instead of looking only at the big picture. Working on the mechanics of the grain (grain boundary, density of dislocations,...) is the solution to understand the macro behavior of the material.

DIGIMU® calibrates the mid-field models by looking at a specific area of the part during the forming process.


TRANSWELD® is a software solution designed for the welding engineers seeking a true simulation  of welding processes.

It provides extensive results and analysis, a multi-physics modeling for a true behavior as well and very importantly the real deposit of the weld bead


TRANSWELD® multi-physic modeling considers the liquid, mushy and solid states. Thanks to its fully coupled-resolution solver with thermal, mechanical and metallurgical interactions, it captures all physical phenomena and predicts metal transformation, solidification and primary/secondary shrinkages.


With its Adaptive, Anisotropic and Automatic remeshing technique, TRANSWELD® provides the true representation of the real weld bead.


TRANSWELD® is the complete virtual welding solution.

TRANSWELD® will be available soon.