If metal is in solid state and the manufacturing process can be defined as plastic deformation, FORGE® is the simulation solution you need. FORGE® simulates almost all manufacturing processes that we know of today.

FORGE® is a 2D and 3D software solution for the simulation of hot, warm, and cold metal end-to-end forming processes. FORGE® comes with the most advanced and intuitive User Interface. Its highly customizable user environment combined with the most robust and powerful solver have made FORGE® the fixture in most engineering departments.

With FORGE®, you not only check and validate your design, you optimize the whole manufacturing chain starting with the heating of the billet (induction included), forming steps, and heat treatment. If you need Fluid Dynamic Analysis, export the results of the simulation to any Fluid Dynamics software directly from FORGE® UI, it is that simple. FORGE® is easy for beginners and experts alike thanks to its highly customizable UI and the most advanced solver in the field.

You can build the solution that is right for you thanks to our module structure. Whether you are a small company seeking the essential information or an enterprise business needing to address many varied manufacturing processes while monitoring a budget, FORGE® is the solution for you.


Predict, qualify, and quantify defects of the final part with the most accurate, and fastest software available on the market. Mistakes are made on the computer only, not in production.



  • Provide accurate quotes with no surprises in part defects, dies life, forming equipment requirement
  • Optimize your process via FORGE® automatic optimization. Not only does FORGE® predict anything that can go wrong, FORGE® is also capable of delivering the best solution (eg. Billet initial dimensions, dies design, lubrication, equipment, initial billet temperature,etc.)
  • Understand the microstructure of the final product through advanced models by working with actual material properties (dislocations density for instance) rather than relying solely on expensive experimental campaigns
  • Enjoy fast turnaround thanks to FORGE® unique UI and most efficient solver
  • Have the support you deserve. Our Technical Support is among the most responsive and efficient in the industry. It is easy to get in touch with us, if you have a follow-up question we can deliver the requested information and fix it if appropriate.


FORGE® optimization is unique because not only does it sort out the “good and bad” designs, it also delivers the best solution. Even if Design Of Experiments (DOE) is nice to have and included in FORGE®, the optimization goes much deeper and provides designers with the best solution to their challenging project

FORGE® is a world-class product and the software training and support are first-class. We have used another FEA software tool to analyze the rolling process and Forge is by far the easiest software and provides results even non-engineers can understand.

We ultimately selected Transvalor FORGE® due to the user interface, features, and support. A set of rolls and guides can be well into the six figures but with FORGE®, new products were proven in trials instead of in costly production trials.

The support and time the Transvalor Americas team gives us where the magic lies. With FORGE®, our team has useful information and ongoing support to make impactful decisions that create efficient processes and maximize profits Bobby Newcomb, Roll Shop Supervisor
Nucor Yamato Steel Company
We’ve been working with Transvalor and Transvalor Americas for over 15 years because of the robust product capabilities and their excellent technical support. With many high-end requirements and market demands, Transvalor FORGE® is our integrated digital simulation solution. By partnering with FORGE®, we optimize production design and reduce manufacturing costs.

FORGE® not only offers versatility with different heat treatments and forging applications it also offers the possibility of creating solutions with a wide range of complexity. With FORGE®, we can work in a simulation that solves both day-to-day challenges and work on long-term products to maximize our forging processes.

We have yet to find an issue that the Transvalor Americas team cannot solve. They are there for you and your business. Roberto Ramirez, Simulation Engineer