License Management

Performance and licensing are geared to the growth of your organization

Flexible License policy

  • From single site to worldwide global facilities, our license manager allows standalone or client/server or over the internet access

  • Upgrade computation capacity whenever and wherever you need it

  • No dongle required nor workstations dedicated to simulation

Unlimited users and access points

  • No extra charge for new users to run the software as the organization grows

  • Set-up your analysis and access to your results from as many workstations as you need

TRANSVALOR Simulation software are composed of three main components:

* The Graphical User Interface  (GUI) 

Pre-processor for data preparation and post-processor for data analysis

* Online Help, Database: Documentation 

Explain, help and provide data to prepare and analyze the simulations 

* The Solver

Solve the physical equations of the models implemented in Transvalor solutions

The GUI and the Documentation are free of usage at your company licensed sites without any restriction:

* Any number of users can use the GUI to prepare and/or analyze results of simulations - No dongle on desktops

* Free access to our Transvalor Software Online-Help

*Access to several Databases for the simulation parameters (Materials, Lubricants, Kinematics, ….)

TRANSVALOR Solvers are “parallel” :

“Parallel computing is a form of computation in which many calculations are carried out simultaneously,  operating on the principle that large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which are then solved concurrently ("in parallel")”.

(Source :


* TRANSVALOR Solutions take advantage of the latest computer processing performance increase with a very efficient use of the multi-core architecture up to 64 Cores to increase your computation power

* Computation times dramatically decrease thanks to the parallelism and to the multi-core processor architecture improvement to decrease your time to market

TRANSVALOR Solvers are all-inclusive:

* Access to all features of TRANSVALOR Software :


FORGE® => 2D & 3D, as well as Cold, Warm, and Hot Forging. All processes from initial heating to forming to heat treatments as well as microstructure analysis and predictions throughout the entire manufacturing process.

COLDFORM® => 2D & 3D, all cold forming processes, including our unique Elasto-visco plastic solver, pre-stressed dies, and dies stress analysis. 

THERCAST® => Continuous Casting with caster builder, macro-segregation calculation, full thermo-mechanical unique solver, and ingot casting.

REM3D® => Injection molding with all associated features. However, the unique PU foam expansion is sold as a separate module.

* Access to all the options and features for your computations


* The license contains a “Token” number which defines  your “Computation Power”

 => It is the only item submitted to license counting

What is a TOKEN ?


* A “Token” is the base unit of license value

* Each CPU-Core running a Transvalor Solution computation consumes one Token

* The license server is managing the pool of Tokens by checking at intervals the Tokens validity and availability. The license server is a logical server, it can run on a user desktop, a computation server or a dedicated server.

* The Tokens can be used across your entire Network, any user, all computers and servers : the Tokens are “Floating”


* Your Token pool defines your “Computation Power” for your Transvalor Solution


It is the most flexible licensing plan across all simulation vendors

 Multi-site licensing

What is the Multi-Site License ?



* The token pool is shared between different geographically dispersed sites

* A Master Site is hosting the token pool


* The Client Sites can install the GUI and access the token pool

Benefits from the Multi-Site License


* Flexible use of the computation power according to the projects and computation needs of your group nationwide or worldwide


* Avoid temporarily “unused” computation power as the Tokens are used for several projects by several users on several computers worldwide


* A big token pool allows to simulate on high performance computing server with a high number of CPU-Cores per computation. Cluster architecture can also be used.


* Simplified software deployment into the group


* Simplified license management for the entire group


* Simplify the license purchasing